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I/We hereby request all my/our documents including contract statements and monthly statement of account, to be sent via publishing in JFAS designated internet website on the home page,

I understand and agree that once the request is processed, JF Apex Securities Bhd will post the e-Contract via the designated internet website and that I will no longer receive contract notes in paper/hardcopy form via the postal service.


In consideration of JF Apex Securities Berhad (JFAS) agreeing to my above request, I/we hereby declare that I/we understand, undertake and agree at all time to abide by the following terms and conditions:

1) I/we agree and acknowledge that any contract statements and monthly statement of account posted on the website shall be deemed to be received by me/us immediately upon the date of posted/publishing the statements and such statements will be accessible/available for a minimum period of two weeks.

2) I/We understand and accept that there is risks inherent in notification by electronic mail, these risks include the security risks of interception, unauthorized access to such communications, the risks of corruptions of such communication and the risks of viruses or other harmful devices, breakdown or failure of transmission or traffic congestion of communications or any other cause(s) beyond JFAS control or anticipation and I/We will not hold JFAS liable for such inherent risks.

3) I/we hereby accept and assume the risks associated with electronic or online devices, including delays or failure in the transmission due to breakdown or failure of transmission or traffic congestion of communications or any other cause(s) beyond JFAS control or anticipation and/or inherent risks in viewing and printing of electronic contracts/statements from the designated website. I/we understand the risk involved in communication over the internet and I/We shall not dispute or challenge the validity, enforceability or admissibility of such record and the content herein.

4) I/We understand and agree that in the event of the remote possibility of a system failure where the e-Contract cannot be generated and/or delivered to me via posting on designated website, the contract notes will be sent to me in a hardcopy form via the postal service and the same shall be deem served on me five (5) market days from the date posting.

5) I/we assume all responsibility or liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential losses arising from or in connection with JFAS acceding to my/our request. I/we further agree to indemnify JFAS from and against all actions, proceedings, claims demands, losses, damages, cost, penalties, fines charges and expenses which you may sustain, incur and be liable to in consequence of or attributable to or arising from or in connection with the publishing of my/our documents.

6) I/we acknowledge that JFAS may require amendments to the terms of this agreement for commercial, regulatory or other reasons. JFAS shall notify of any amendments via the same designated website and of the effective date of such amendments. I/We agree to be bound by such amendments.

7) I/we also agree this instruction shall remain in force until revoked by me/us and the said revocation is received and acknowledged by JFAS. I/we understand and agree that you may cancel this service without providing any reason and/or prior notice to me/us.

Note : If you are not agreeable to the above, please write-in to us within 5 business days. Otherwise it will be deemed that you have agreed to the above.